Concrete and real measures are needed to change the economy's future
An increasingly important topic
ESG has recently suffered from severe scepticism regarding its actual impact on the planet. Nevertheless, many SMEs have positively adopted concrete and real measures to change the economy's future. Therefore, we believe it is important to engage with all our partners in a more responsible finance and help them in this way.

Thinking about corporate policy in terms of sustainability and social responsibility issues can have a positive impact on profitability, whether you are a buyer or a seller. Incorporating a well-thought-out CSR policy often results in increased value creation through risk reduction or the attraction of young talent. 
Positive impact on profitability
Moreover, sustainable finance is becoming increasingly necessary, as it is part of the fight against global warming wished for by the powers, such as the European Commission. Today, the share of sustainable financing is constantly increasing whether we are talking about green finance, solidarity finance or SRI, it seems essential today to show "green credentials" to raise funding.

Considering a company's project economic, environmental, and social dimensions, the return on investment is often very positive. The resulting value creation is too important not to be exploited.
For several years, with the academic credentials of its founder, Stratego Finance has been conducting a reflection with its clients on the need to integrate RSE aspects into its corporate strategy