Good preparation makes good transaction 
A significant impact on your business 
An M&A process involves essential decisions. The outcome of the transaction will have a significant impact on the future of your business. 

Knowing that the upstream preparation of potential acquisitions or divestiture is a key element of success, any leader must rely on the high-quality expertise of experienced advisers.
How to reduce transaction failures
According to a recent study from Harvard, “An analysis of 2.500 such deals by HBR shows that more than 60% of them destroy shareholder value” 

Therefore, in a pre-transaction context, we offer tailor-made support to decision-makers through market screening, sectorial analysis, target identification, valuation, company strategy assessment, reorganization of shareholders, disposal of non-strategic assets and more. Our analysis is based on scientific analysis, to help you build a sustainable M&A strategy, find the right partner and negotiate fair terms and conditions. 

Usually, companies are strongly focused on closing the deal, however, the 100 first days after a transaction are crucial to turning it into a growth story. Indeed, it's important to align the company's culture and strategy, identify all possible synergies, and support leaders in leading change. Therefore, we offer coaching sessions and workshops on these fundamental aspects.
Finding the right funds at the right moment
The right time to look for financial resources is when you have some left. It allows companies to choose the optimal financing and ownership structure in compliance with your corporate strategy. We help companies to better balance equity and debt in the quest for growth strategies.

For this, we provide access to a wide range of venture capital, private equity, high net worth individuals, banks and public institutions.
We assist you throughout the entire transactional process (sell or buy side), from preparation to closing, or advise you on certain aspects or stages of the structuring of the deal.