“We believe in governance as an instrument of balance decision-making” 
A real need from the start 
This sentence comes from “Corporate Governance in Start-ups” by Luc Sterckx, a little green book that we advise every founder to read. 

Every company, regardless of its size, needs strong scalable governance from the very beginning of its existence. A recent study of Vlerick concerning governance in SMEs, start-ups, scale ups has concluded that for the majority of them, governance is not a priority with the consequence that they have no or very poor board and committee organization. 

For years, we have been assisting our clients in their growth phase and governance has always been one of our priorities since it is the backbone of any success. 
Governance is about Board efficiency 
The impact of the Board on the company's success will depend on several factors including the practice of dialogue to increase the overall performance of the management, the control of finances and the monitoring of the company's strategy. It is also a question of recognizing and managing cognitive biases to better avoid errors. 

These approaches are part of the need to integrate ESG criteria into the evolution and strategy of the company. We can help you to define, understand and integrate these criteria in a dynamic spirit of controlled profitability. 
From strategic acquisition to successful integration
Coaching post-acquisition is a crucial aspect of managing organizational change and ensuring a smooth transition after an acquisition.

Our objective is to provide support, guidance, and training to leaders, and teams from both the acquiring and acquired companies. The goal is to align everyone with the new vision, culture, and strategies resulting from the acquisition.​
We assist our clients in setting up efficient Board and Strategy committees helping them to manage growth in respect of their capacities and values.